Some Professional Answers On Elementary Systems In Bark Chippings

.> Plants for heavy clay soils are surprisingly quite common and can be propagated as easy as most other gardening plants. It also means plant roots will usually just rot. Some easier than others and some better than others. Don’t be tempted to just but a layer of grit in the bottom of planting holes. Given a nice hot sunny day and the surface of clay soils will bake solid, start cracking and shrink as it dries hard as rock. But if you want to grow more types of plants you can modify your clay soil, just read on………….. And it compacts just by walking on it and water will lay in puddles. Plants for heavy clay soils should be split into two types, those which prefer shade and those which will thrive in direct sun. You only need about 23cm 9inch depth.

This leads to ideal conditions for slugs and soil diseases. Now we all know heavy clay soil is difficult to dig, it sticks to your boots, it sticks to your spade, even a stainless steels spade, it sticks to everything. Not ideal conditions for plants then? Well there are some solutions. View Mulch Topsoil info from