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Some electric/heat-pump hybrid models let you digitally set a “holiday mode” that uses just the heat pump for added efficiency when your away. But to attain those gains, the larger water heaters will need to use technologies that are less familiar to consumers including electric heat pumps, which transfer heat from the surrounding air to water, and condensing petrol heaters, which capture heat that usually goes up the flue. Its tank water heaters are available on-line and through a network of dealers. But now with federal regulations taking effect in April 2015 that require tank water heaters to become more energy efficient, buying a new one just got a little more complicated and possibly more expensive.

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Smith, Rinnai, Navien and Noritz. Tank water heaters. Energy savings you can take to the bank. A water heater can account for roughly 18% of the energy consumed in your home. By choosing a natural gas tank water heater, you get more hot water in less time, because it works faster and more efficiently than its electrical counterpart. Plus, youll save on operating costs. A natural gas tank water heater even works when the powers out a priceless advantage on the Gulf Coast, where strong thunderstorms and hurricanes are facts of life. SPECIAL OFFER: FREE WATER HEATER AND FREE INSTALLATION. Get a free tank-style natural gas water heater and free installation when you switch from an electric model. Available for a limited time only. Call today.

But a leaky drain or pressure-relief valve or a burned-out heating element can often be fixed. Options for homes View Water Heaters Only at with petrol heat include a large condensing petrol tank water heater or, again, two smaller conventional models. Kenmore water heaters are available at Sears. Because the heat pump is usually on top, they need as much as 7 feet clearance from floor to ceiling. G tank water heaters are available in multiple sizes, with energy-efficiency claims that vary by size and multiple levels of warranty coverage. Also known as hybrid water heaters, heat pump water heaters transfer heat from the surrounding air to the water. Hint: Adding insulation to hot-water pipes that exit the heater can add efficiency to any water heater. While scale can shorten the life of the heating element inside an electric water heater, you don‘t need to invest in fancy features to get a long-lived model.